A Fresh Vision of God



How will our Prayer and Fasting work?

Participants will have different options to participate. Choose the
option that works best for you.
    • Church – The church will be open from 5:30-6:30 daily for
anyone who wishes to participate in group prayer
    • Phone – Participants can call someone who will be attending
the church prayer and fasting service and join in over the
phone OR you can find a person to partner with and call
him/her at a prearranged time
    • Homes - Meet up in homes for participants who live close to
one another.


Preparation for Prayer and Fasting

    • Read Isaiah 58 and Acts 2 on examples of prayer and fasting
    • Make things right with one another prior to the fast (Mark
    • Pray for God’s spiritual armor (Ephesians 6:10-18)
    • Pray for God’s guidance on which activity to abstain from
during these 10 days
    • Prepare your home (ie: abstaining from unhealthy foods –
remove these foods prior to the start of prayer and fasting)
    • Fix your eyes on Jesus





Soup and Sandwich Potluck

High Sabbath, February 8

Join us for a special potluck lunch on this High Sabbath to celebrate all
the things God will do through us and for us during these sacred 10 days
of commitment to prayer and fasting.

Like some past potlucks, specific food items will be assigned for your choosing.

Please see the Potluck display board located by the greeter’s table to choose a food item to bring. Please read the card carefully and bring the food prepared as
described. We want to limit the amount of work on the kitchen helpers that day so that they can participate in the special church service God has planned for us that day.


10 Days of Prayer

January 29 - February 8, 2020


What is Prayer and Fasting?

Prayer and Fasting is a spiritual principle taught in the Bible where one
ceases a particular activity and devotes that time to prayer instead of
participating in that activity. During this time, one prays focused prayers
for a particular outcome. When we fast from an activity, it frees up the
time we would have spent on that activity to engage in more prayer.

Types of Fasting
There are many ways to fast. Fasting can involve food or other activities.
Types of fasting include abstaining from:
    • food (skip a meal, juicing, eating only healthy food, eat only one
meal a day)
    • TV (limit or eliminate)
    • Technology (turning phones off during prayer time, social media,
    • Habits (gossip, negativity, criticism, sarcasm, attitudes, crude





Prayer Themes

Prayer themes help us to know what to pray for during this special time.
The leadership and planning committee were impressed that this
session of prayer and fasting should begin with deep introspect within
ourselves and our church. The rationale for this foundational work is
that we need to prepare ourselves first to be ready for the work God has
planned for us within our community.

Things we can pray for…..
    • Praise God for all His Goodness
    • Surrender
    • Repentance/Forgiveness
    • Silence to hear God’s voice
    • Unity
    • Commitment to one another and our church
    • Children/Families/Marriages
    • Prodigal children and loved ones
    • Former members & visitors
    • Pastors and church leaders




The War Room ~ Feb 8

Join us after potluck for a special viewing of “The War Room.” This powerful Christian film portrays the great power of prayer and what God can do through those who sincerely commit to prayer.