Pastor Hart's Page






Pastor Hart was born and raised in Stone Ridge NY.

He didn't know God and was not connected with any church. After the loss of a few close friends in his early teens he became absorbed in searching for the meaning of life. These years were mostly spent looking in all the wrong places until his mother, a newly baptized Christian, began sharing Bible truth with him.

Kevin hated everything Christian for the several years that followed...but God patiently waited and slowly revealed Himself. Through many miraculous interventions and answers to prayer Kevin eventually accepted the fact that God, if He did exist, was a personal One.

Eventually, at the age of twenty-one, Kevin gave his heart to God and began a life of leading others to know Him. Kevin is passionate about God's love and has worked in many capacities such as evangelism, church planting, serving with local leadership and personal ministries. Kevin also worked at Three Angels Broadcasting Network in their pastoral department for six years.

Kevin is totally in love with his wife Tara and enjoys a busy home with their four children. He previously served as the lead Pastor of the Bakersfield Central Seventh-day Adventist Church from 2013-2020.


Kevin's passions are:

Spending time with family 

Mountain Biking 


Engine mechanics 

Word working 

Spending time outside #

Being active