Welcome to the library! 


We look forward to providing you with materials to aid in your Bible study and research; books for quiet time reading and bedtimes stories with your little ones. We have biographies and true stories of people from all walks of life, from missionaries, to doctors, from survivors of tragedies, to pioneers of our church.  

Reading books is not so common now, as it was in the past, we have moved on to getting our information in so many other ways.  But books are still very important, and we hope you will stop by and have a look.


In 2019, our library was given a make over and an upgrade.  Keeping records will be a top priority, and encouraging you to find a good book our goal!


NEW!!  If you have books to return, you can stop by the church and drop them in the new, big mailbox at our church front door!


Who Can Register for a Library Card/Bookmark?

Concord Seventh-day Adventist church members and their immediate family members, and by non-members who are attending church regularly.

Not eligible: visitors, family from out of town, non-attending Prayer Meeting participants. Please direct them to our free books in the bookcase next to the upstairs entry.

No one may check out any materials from the Library in order to loan it to someone else who does not meet these requirements.


Adults, and children and teens under 18, must register and receive a Library Card in order to use the Library. Parents or guardians are required to fill out their contact information on their children's registration.


Children are to check out books on their own Library Cards. There are plans in the works to create incentives to READ.


Using the Library

If the Library is OPEN, but there is no Librarian, or Librarian Assistant, in attendance, please wait until they return. They are in the building somewhere.

If the Library is CLOSED, you may not enter, even if you have a key, and take any materials, nor check out books or DVD's. There are NO Self Check outs.



Your Library Card/Bookmark goes in your borrowed book or DVD, as a reminder to YOU when they are to be returned. Don't lose your Library Card!


Reserve a book or DVD

If you forget to bring back your Library Card, you can reserve a book or DVD for up to a week.

If the book or DVD you want is already checked out, you can Reserve it to be next in line.


All of the changes in the library are to create accountability and prevent books and DVDs from being taken and not returned.