Concord Seventh-day Adventist Church

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We Are LeadersWe Are LeadersPastor Cliff Gleason
Who Are Seventh-day Adventists?Who Are Seventh-day Adventists?Pastor Cliff Gleason

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October 10, 2015October 10, 2015Shaun Milano
The BanquetThe BanquetJim Thomas
Shades of Grey, Black and WhiteShades of Grey, Black and WhiteJim Thomas
Slobbering IdiotSlobbering IdiotKen Haggett
DonDon't Believe Everything You...Ken Haggett

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Is The Hour Here Yet?Is The Hour Here Yet?Bob Farnham, Jan 24, 2016
August 9, 2015August 9, 2015Bob Cundiff, NNEC President
Feeding GodFeeding God's SoulKen Brummel
X-raysX-raysRebecca O'Connor

Concord Seventh-day Adventist Church
310 Sheep Davis Road, | Concord, NH 03302-4087