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History of the Concord, N.H. Seventh-day Adventist Church

1909 - 2015

The church was chartered in 1909 by Elder Fred W. Stray, president of the New Hampshire Conference.  The Conference office was in Concord at 55 Main Street. Elder Stray lived in Center Barnstead and used a combination of horse, train and trolley to get to church.

The first known Seventh-day Adventists in Concord where George Clark and his wife in 1909.

In August 1909 tent meetings were held on South State Street by Elder Stray, assisted by F.S. Hartwell.

As a result of these meetings, Alive Hutchinson who was an Adventist Christian, was taken in by profession of faith. Her sister was baptized on June 5, 1910 with two of her children, Willis and Ella. Willis became Elder of the church in 1924 (at the age of 27) and served as Elder and Lay Preacher until his death in 1953.

They first met officially as a church in the Ward House on West Street from 1909-15.  In June, 1911, while meeting at the Ward House, they partook of their first ordinances.

They then went to the Odd Fellows Hall on Warren Street from 1915-24. From there they went to the Salvation Army Hall on Centre Street.

In 1913, D.K. Boyer, Conference President, lived in Pembroke and he and his family took the trolley car to church.

In September, 1924, business meetings were held relating to the need of a church building and a church school. A building committee was formed.

In October they met and voted to buy two lots on Broad Ave.

Brother Chase made plans to purchase standing lumber at $10.00 a thousand and pay $4.00 a thousand to saw it.

Plans were drawn up to use the Iron Works Rd. Chapel as an example.

During this time the first church school was being held at 21 Dakin Street in the front room of Bertha Lawson who boarded the teacher, Miss Lillian Eastman. A committee was chosen to look for a location for a school.

June 1929 they decided to buy the building on Dunklee Street. They voted to sell the standing timber for $50.00 and the two church lots listed at $700.00 for which they originally paid $600.00.

Our building on Dunklee Street was bought at an auction in 1929 for $2,075, having previously been a Baptist church and a schoolhouse. 

Pastor Dennis Campbell became the pastor of the Concord Church in 1981, he was here thru 1989. The Dunklee Street church was sold on December 6, 1983, after worshiping there for 54 years, to the Capital Baptist Church and an option was retained to worship there for two years.  A lot was bought on Route 106.

In 1985 the church began renting the Immanuel Community Church on Grover Street. They worshipped there until the new church on Rte. 106 was completed enough to worship in the basement.

It was during the pastor ship of George Whitsett, 1990-1993 that the congregation celebrated their first Sabbath in the sanctuary.

The congregation has had three more pastors since that time, Richard Rose, Ken Baumgarten, and our current pastor, Cliff Gleason.
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