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Pastor's Welcome

    I'm Cliff Gleason, Pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Concord, New Hampshire.  Welcome to our website.  You will see that we are a church that is active and friendly.

    We are happy to be a part of the Adventist churches that reach around the world.  We cherish the beautiful message of God’s goodness found in the Bible.  He is our intelligent Creator, mighty Savior, and understanding Friend.  He deserves our highest respect, greatest admiration, and deepest love.  We would be nothing without Him.  Because He deserves the credit and honor for all our blessings, especially the certainty of eternal life in Christ, we worship Him every day in our homes and every Sabbath at the church.  It is our greatest joy to praise Him.

     What an exciting time to be a Christian!  This is the time to know God better, to study His ways that bring abundant life.  This is the time to surrender to His will for us.  Now we need to reach out to men and women, boys and girls, with the gospel of grace.  Jesus is coming again and soon!  We can be ready for every day, “looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.”

The Concord church family cherishes our children and youth.  We invest ourselves greatly in programs, projects, and events for them.  They participate in the worship service.  They serve in the community.  What satisfaction for us when we see them delight in the knowing the Lord and serving Him.

     If it is your desire to know God better, to rest in His abounding love, to spread the joy of His salvation, come join us.  You will find our arms and hearts open.

Yours in the blessed hope,

Cliff Gleason

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